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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 17, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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a brand new one do not be a gamerel. a great word. gomerel. please always remember, the spin stops here. definitely looking out for you. ♪ >> hello from "hannity," the world of college football is reeling after it was revealed that the heart-wrenching story about the football players' girl friend was nothing, but a hoax. and we'll be checking with eric bolling, kimberly guilfoyle and juan williams will be here tonight and plus our examples of media bias, first, here is how this story unfolded. yesterday, broke the news that manti's
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girlfriend never existed. the college fans rallied around the irish football player after he claimed that his grandmother and girlfriend died on the exact same day in december. and listen what he told about his fake girlfriend back in october. watch this. >> i've seen the most beautiful girl i've ever met. not the because of her physical beauty, but the beauty of her -- of her character and who she is. she is just that person that i turn to. when you have somebody that you talk to every single day that you speak with on the phone because she is going through a lot of things and the only way that she can sleep if she knows i'm on the other side of the phone and you can do that every single night, every single night for the past four months and all of a sudden, it's silence, dead silence, really eats at you. >> sean: now, manti is defending himself saying he was the one who was duped and yesterday he released a statement reads in part, this
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incredibly embarrassing to talk about, but over an extended period of time i developed an emotional relationship with a woman i met online and we maintained what i thought to be an authentic relationship online on the phone and i grew to care deeply for her. and apparently someone's sick joke and constant lies, it was painful and humiliated, there are more questions than answers when it comes to the story, but even notre dame is standing by their star. watch this. >> every single thing about this, until that day in the first week of december, was real to manti. there was no, no suspicion that it wasn't, no belief that it might not be, and so, the pain was real, the grief was real, the affection was real. and that's the nature of this sad, cruel game. there's a lot of tragedy here. there's a lot of of sorrow here. but the thing i am most sad
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of, sad about is... sorry. that the single most trusting human being i've ever met will never be able to trust in the same way again in his life. that's an incredible tragedy. >> sean: now, joining me now for his very first interview, television interview since the shocking story broke is former notre dame football game our friend lou holts is with us, welcome back, sir, good to see you. >> good to be with you again, sean. >> sean: as you know, i'm a huge notre dame fan, amazing football year, i know you were excited, i was excited. i wanted them to win the championship game. alabama is a tough team.
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nick saban a tough coach and i see this story, i honestly don't know what to think. i want to get your thoughts on it. >> well, first of all, i know manti te'o, a wonderful young man and kind caring individual and when you look at the story you say no way this could possibly happen. don't tell me this could be true. for two and a half years you had a relationship with a person online, never met them, never talked to them and devoting your life to them. you look and say, there's questions that only manti can answer and he needs to have an interview this is what i knew, when i knew it how i knew t on the other hand, sean, i have great faith and confidence in notre dame the jack swarbrick, the athletic director of notre dame is one of the most honest people you'll he want to meet. and i was with notre dame for 11 years, and how they handle a crisis and do not circle the wagons. an outside investigative firm looked at it, manti te'o had
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nothing at all to do with it. means they checked his phone records and talked about everything, and when notre dame and jack swarbrick gets on, we believe him 100% after having an outside investigator i say i've got to believe it until somebody else tells me different, but i think we need to hear from manti. >> sean: that's a great insight into notre dame, which is the college, you know, i know you love, i love notre dame. that's a great insight that nobody else has brought up before so i gave a lot of credibility because you know they don't circle the wagons. they did an investigation. (laughter) >> what? >> well, just you know, when notre dame is on top there's going to be controversy and all kinds of things and notre dame actually won the national championship, athey came out with a book. and notre dame said we'll investigate, they didn't rally the wagons around me, and one of my best friends i said what about lou holts?
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he says if this is true, i'll miss him. that's their attitude so i know that notre dame's not going to whitewash anything and talking about the authors and board of trustees and talking about who is who and the mayor, they would not tolerate for anything and let's remember this, also, notre dame did not need to get involved in it. they could have said it's not our case, go talk to manti. no, they brought in investigators looked at it came to this conclusion and until somebody proves me differently after having been at notre dame, loving that school, and three of my children graduating from, i have to say i'm going to believe him, support him until somebody proves different and i don't think that will happen. >> sean: obviously, he's he a great ball player. is there any part of this story on the surface that's questionable to you? for example, he played the day the funeral of this girlfriend supposedly took place, he had two interceptions, they beat michigan and he said all she ever wanted was white roses, but there was no funeral.
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where did he send them? you know, how do you have a girlfriend for that long a period of time and apparently said he had met her at a game and stanford and, do you see holes in this story that concern you? >> i don't know if you're listening when i first came on. >> sean: i heard you. >> i can't believe-- >> the investigation. >> there's no answer. there's so many things that just don't hold true. now, let's understand this, manti te'o is is a great football player, he didn't need the inspiration. i do think the fact it probably helped in the heisman to finish runner up for a linebacker, but i don't believe that he had anything he was going to benefit from this. for any reason, i don't know. manti te'o is the only one that can answer these questions. what i know, when did i know it, how did i know it. that's all we want to know, but until then, i'm going to go along with the the university of notre dame because i know the people there have great integrity. i know what the university stands for and what their history is. >> sean: i'm going to go with you. >> finding the truth and
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backing the truth. >> sean: all right, as somebody who loves notre dame, hard being in the house with an alabama grad on championship night because i'm pulling for notre dame and she's pulling for the tide and it was a little difficult. didn't come out the way i wanted, coach. but let me ask you this: and i think this is very, very important. what do you make of the -- you comment about society all the time. i mean, we've got baseball players can't get into the hall of fame anymore because they used performance enhancing drugs. we've got the lance armstrong, quote, confession, non-confession. people now, remember, the chicago black sox say it ain't so. is this a reflection of society that maybe people he aren't as honest as they used to be when we look up to a lot of these athletes? >> i think absolutely because when you are dishonest there isn't a lot of ramifications from it. my wife says track and attack and we watch different tv stations, and i came down and
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he she was watching happy days and i said what are you doing. how great when we were young and people dealt with other people and now our grandchildren and everybody else deals with computer and internet and all of these other things. i think you go back to what happened in society f we follow three simple rules, do the right thing, do the best you can, show people you care. there used to be a great deal of emphasis put on doing the right thing. pressure not from your family, but everybody else, that's the way our country lived. he they talk about gun laws, i tell you what, just double the punishment for anybody used a crime with a gun. you rob with a knife five years, and with a gun, ten years. let's do the right thing and put pressure on people don't do the right thing and stop making excuses for everybody else. you can mark me down as undecided. >> sean: i'm with you. coach, appreciate you being with us. the same thing in politics, i did not have sex with that woman. politicians lie. and we have the dirtiest campaign in history, coach. good to see you.
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>> pleasure to be with you. >> sean: notre dame is coming back next year, win the championship game. my prediction, coming up, david limbaugh is here, versus juan williams on the issue of the gun showdown in d.c. of the first another black eye for journalism and take a look at the role that careless reporting played in perpetuating the manti girlfriend hoax. we'll be joined by eric bolling and kimberly guilfoyle. log on to our companion site, hannity live, get information on the topics we're covering. hannity live and we will continue, and also, liz cheney tonight. is the nume office superstore ink retailer in america. now t $6 back in staples rewards for every ink cartridge you recyc when you spend $50 on hp in staples. th was easy. [ coughs ] [ baby crying ] ♪
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>> an as details continue to emerge about the manti te'o girlfriend hoax, one group that didn't do their job, so-called mainstream media. the journalists helped to
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perpetuate this. new york times admit the error acknowledging the paper wrote about his fake girlfriend five times and read in part, quote, the truly strange and still unfolding tale of notre dame football star and his nonexistent dead girlfriend has lessons for journalists including those at the times and in the meantime, and very soon, a refresher course in verification for every news room department would be a very good idea. she's absolutely right. the paper of record is one after dozen news organizations that did not do their homework, their research and last night espn anchor who interviewed manti back in october, he said this, let's watch. >> in researching it before i wrote the script, i remember trying to find an obituary for his girlfriend and could not, and couldn't find any record of this car accident, but we had asked manti, can we contact lennay's family and he said the family would prefer not to be contacted, could we,
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could we have some photos of lennay and he said the family would prefer not to provide those. >> sean: now, the espn reporter went on to say in retrospect he would have realized and should have realized things were not adding up, but said at the time he never would have thought the story was a lie. and joining us co-hosts of "the five", kimberly guilfoyle and eric bolling, help me out. >> the issues are obviously, was he fully hoaxed, partially hoaxed, cat-fished? >> he denies it. >> he denies it, but maybe more concerned about winning the heisman and may be an on his chances-- and talk about the media, i can think another hawaiian guy given a pass and softball questions and fact checking. >> who could that possibly be? >> and a happy ending story that they'll bypass the
9:16 pm
important things for their journalistic anyand those should be oxymorons. >> sean: i want to see if i'm-- did you know what cat-fishing is. >> yes. >> i saw the original movie about the kid. >> sean: i may be the only guy in america. >> if you have an hour or two to watch it, it's fantastic. >> your innocence is charming though. >> sean: my innocence is charming, i'm going to write that down. what do you say, look, i always want to believe the best in people. looking at america right now, lance armstrong, we can't induct into the baseball hall of fame some of the its best players because of steroids. and i'm thinking, you know, it's just sad. tell me it ain't so. >> it's sad. we don't know the full story, but what we do know notre dame is standing by them and they're supporting him, the victim after hoax and i think perhaps what-- >> and also a great football player. >> sure, he is, done well for notre dame, one of the best things to happen to notre dame about college football program in a very long time and this guy will be a first round
9:17 pm
draft pick, i believe as well. >> sean: and we are both big huge, notre dame fans. >> huge notre dame fans. >> i went to jesuit high school, i'm catholic, a big notre dame fan, too, but they said they had this information december 6th or so, they had to say-- >> come on, do you blame them, bolling, not to release it before the game and be a distraction. >> you know why i blame them. just last year, joe paterno with the scam going on the university, it's different, i get it, but look, you have-- >> it's a credibility and truth issue. >> you have issues with a player or coach, let-- >> what if it turns out-- i suspect that you tend to think he was involved in this or-- >> he said a certain point. >> i think he got cat-fished and by then, he came out and he was so in deep, you know, into it so deep that he played it up. he didn't want to backtrack and say i was tricked. >> sean: what about all of these media outlets and there
9:18 pm
were so many, too many to name. >> it's embarrassing, they didn't do their homework and fact check. why didn't somebody check a basic obituary and verify they ever met the girl and saw her in person, why didn't he skype with her face-to-face, so many bizarre angles to the story and then you have the members of his family as well, that seemed to have been involved. the brother and his dad, grandma, mom, and saying she was in hawaii or-- >> and it's a compelling story, i give then one benefit of the doubt and they should have checked, he we all agree with that, but you know, his grandmother died, his girlfriend he never met died and that she wanted him to play the football game against michigan and all she wanted was white roses, two interceptions that day. i mean, this is -- it's a fairy tale. >> it was a great story and by the way notre dame had a couple of tough years in football, comeback year based on what, the defense. this guy is the heart of the defense. it was-- >> he's a great player and he'll continue to be a great champion and he has to deal
9:19 pm
with-- >> the nfl? >> i don't think so, a winner is the winner, a professional team. >> what does it say about society, constant lying and cheating? >> and do you realize there's an arizona cardinals fullback who said i knew her, she was tall. >> and what's wrong with people? >> and building on it, on the story. but there's more to this and we'll see what's happening going forward. >> sean: good to see you and watching "the five" every day. >> thank you. >> sean: and the president's assault on your second amendment reports is met with fear and resistance across the country and i'll be joined with the state officials, and two are accusing the white house plan of being racist, we'll play those outrageous remarks and we'll get reaction tonight as juan williams faces off against david limbaugh all straight ahead tonight here on hannity. say farewell to the smell with tide washing machine cleaner. it goes straight to the source of the stink
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>> officials from several states are standing up for president obama and they're fighting back against the unprecedented gun grab he announced yesterday. in missouri and texas outlaw gun laws from being enacted. looks like obama should prepare-- and joining us texas state representative is with us, and gentlemen, welcome to the program and thank you for being here. >> thanks, sean. >> sean: well, let's go to oregon, what do you plan on doing out there? >> well, i think we pretty much laid the groundwork, what we're going to do or what we're doing out here, sean. earlier this week i've sent out a letter and my deputies and i, we were getting all kinds of questions about what
9:24 pm
i would do as a sheriff, if there was any overreaching kind of gun laws enacted that were unconstitutional and instead of having the deputy go out and tell what i was saying, i decided i'd put together a letter and watching what was going on in washington d.c. and seeing a lot of information for it coming out of vice-president biden's committee and i really didn't see any western-- >> and let me ask you a question. >> sure. >> sean: if certain assault weapons are banned, if, for example, they put a limit on ten bullets in a clip and somebody that you find has violated both of those federal laws, would you charge them? >> absolutely not. you know, we're actually -- we can can't enforce federal laws, if i can't enforce federal immigration laws, i don't think anybody would
9:25 pm
expect me to enforce a federal gun law. >> sean: well said. what do you think, what's happening in texas? >> well, as i understand the second amendment, the last four words are, shall not be infringed. and that's the way we look at it in texas. we're not going to let the federal government, especially, sean, through an executive order infringe on our second amendment right. i understand there's a supremacy clause, we get that, we can read in texas, but we also understand that the second amendment is not a suggestion, it's not a guideline, it's a right for all americans and we're going to stand up for it. >> sean: a lt. governor in your state came out with an ad targeting people in new york, by the way we don't have the state income tax in texas and also more money in your pocket so you can buy more ammo. which i thought was a pretty interesting appeal-- >> sean. >> sean: go ahead. >> i was born in new york. i was born 20 miles southwestern new york where a crazed gunman shot two, two
9:26 pm
volunteer firefighters. this is the same guy, sean, that 20-some odd years ago he bludgeoned his mom to death with a hammer and so badly the coroner couldn't recognize her. they sentham to jail and he got out. and go figure, got a gun, three weeks ago, woke up one morning with his house on fire, laid in wait behind some bushes for volunteer firefighters to arrive and the shot two of them dead and rather than sheldon silver the speaker of the house looking in the mirror and saying this is my fault for not making harsher punishment against these criminals, what do they do? they institute a weapons ban. i mean, it's just ridiculous and of all the foolish things they weren't smart enough to exempt their own police officers from it. >> can i speak to that, sean. >> sean: go ahead. >> we had that situation down in georgia where that mother,
9:27 pm
she and her two children, the person came into the house and obviously, bent on assaulting them and it sounds from what i can hear what the information i've been able to gather she shot him five times and he was still able to escape the home. >> sean: that's correct. >> and you know, you put those kind of restrictions on that's magazines or firearms, yeah, you're definitely going to make citizens a heck after lot safer out there. instead of running away, if he was still able to press the assault, you know, that could have been turned out a whole lot different for that mom and children. >> sean: and not only that, if she lives in new york, and needed more than seven bullets. and i interviewed a kid today, 17 now, 15 then. he and his 12-year-old sister and he picked up his father's ar-15 and that saved them.
9:28 pm
and i'm an honorary texan. >> we're so proud of you. >> sean: absolutely. >> welcome. >> sean: i'd he move there in a second. i pay 15% less in taxes and i'd get to keep my second amendment rights which i don't have any more in new york. >> i tell you, it feels good. jump in, i left in '97 and came down here the greatest thing for my family. so thankful for the people of texas. >> sean: i applaud you both for taking a stand. if the average citizen does it i think they're going to end up being put in jail especially in new york and some other areas, so, applaud what you're doing and standing up for the constitution. thank you, both. >> thank you, sean. >> sean: coming up next, if you dare to disagree with the president's war on the second amendment, you might be a racist? that's the message spread by two congressman. and when we come back, a classic shootout, juan williams and david limbaugh react and some are comparing the n.r.a. to nazi and hitler by name and expose the bias in today's media mash.
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>> it's sad, but true. lawmakers on the left say that those that disagree with the president's new anti-gun plans must be be racist, now listen to what congressman hank johnson told yesterday after the president announced he's going to bypass congress and put forward 23 executive actions. >> and just a minute ago, that the fact that as part of the n.r.a.'s true colors, a personal dislike of the president. why do you think, why do you think that is? >> well, first of all, first of all -- first of all he is black and as a black person being the president of these united states, that's something that they still cannot-- they still cannot get over. they couldn't get over the first election. they're still shocked at the second election, to use a pun,
9:34 pm
shell shocked. >> sean: and mr. johnson, i have a wild thought perhaps the n.r.a. disagrees with the president's policies because she represent an assault on the second amendment to the constitution. and more, new york congressman charlie rangel said that the races in the south are to blame for the lack of gun laws in that region. >> new york in a the lot of areas and some of the states and some of the southern areas have cultures that we have to overcome. >> sean: so, with reaction to this the entire gun control showdown, author, attorney, david limbaugh and fox analyst, juan williams, juan, your reaction? >> well, i don't think that this is about the president's race, but i think that race has a lot to do with this conversation and that's why i think you have congressman johnson from georgia, saying, hey, look, if you look across the south, high membership in the n.r.a., high amount of gun ownership, principally among
9:35 pm
whites and in fact, mostly republicans and it makes for a huge divide in terms of how-- >> and puts in place reasonable gun control. >> it's a more rural area and people have been brought up with the use of guns and hunters widespread. not many hunters in new york city, juan. >> i agree. >> it's different than an urban or city environment, isn't it? >> that wouldn't stop you from saying that hunters and n.r.a. members don't understand that there's a need for reasonable gun control legislation in the country. >> that's not what he said. what hank johnson said, they still can't get over that obama is black, that's what he said. that's race baiting. >> i agree with you, i agree with you, sean, i don't think it's legitimate argument to make and in his mind a lot of southerners-- 60% of white people didn't vote for obama and i think that the south that-- >> david limbaugh i'm tired of this country being led by the president, being divided along
9:36 pm
racial lines, rich versus poor, black versus white, old versus young. this president is the most divisive president in history and of course, we hear from his party almost daily now. and maybe they don't know the campaign's over. >> you know, hank johnson said he can't get over, we can't get over that he's black. i can't get over that he's a marxist, you know, this constant usage of liberals and obama of the race card is damaging race relations, it's damaging minorities, it's damaging blacks. i can tick off 17 examples of obama's exploittation of race and had them in both of my books and have them if you want to waste the time going into it. but this is hurting race relations and obama is deliberately projecting race on to his political opponent, saying it's their racism, it's a case of deliberate projection and doing it to his political advantage and it's shameful. juan, i don't think sub
9:37 pm
describes to it, and i wish he would condemn it. >> and i-- >> and chain put you back in-- >> and david, where did you see president obama say this was because of race? he said that there's too much-- he's healing in this country and you look in connecticut those were overwhelmingly white children. >> he's got his mignons out doing it for him. he went to minorities in the 2010 and 2012 campaigns and appealed on the basis of race, told them to get out there. eric holder said that we were cowards on race. obama continues to talk about injecting race into all aspects when he talks about bitter clingers, he suggested that we had antipathy for people who don't look like us. he said if he had a kid, he would look like trayvon martin, and all race on the brain. >> david, a man of your intellect, david, you're way off in the weeds and last
9:38 pm
touch with the argument i'm making to you, you can see the carnage in the black community at a tremendously high rate on a-- >> and look at the president and black on black crime then instead of exploiting children. >> david you say because it's black on black crime it's powerful. >> what? i said you ought to be focused on it, you ought to be focused on it it. >> sean: let's focus on putting in place better --. >> let's focus on putting in place reasonable gun control that keeps guns out of the hands of these gang bangers killing fellow americans. >> sean: they don't obey laws, law breakers don't obey laws. >> what do you mean, gun control-- go ahead, david. >> gun control has the opposite effect. you have the assault weapons ban and you increase crime. you create the gun-free zones and that's where the maniacs go. >> oh. >> most of the weapons, most of the murders are committed by land guns, only a small percentage by assault weapons which by the way do not exist, no such thing, semi automatic
9:39 pm
that reload automatically we've got to keep the guns of the hands of people to defend themselves. >> and let's get to the heart of this. you're saying somehow the gang bangers and thugs go to gun-free zones and david they're getting guns in states that have lax gun thaws and funneled into new york, chicago, houston and use today kill people and that's why most americans, and i would add, according to frank luntz, most n.r.a. members think that you can put in place reasonable steps that don't take away your second amendment rights. >> i'm not saying gang bangers go to gun-free zones i'm saying the maniac killers have gone to those zones and obama wants to direct all his laws to those incidents and he wants to prescribe the exact wrong solutions and play on people's emotions because he has something more in mind, not just banning assault weapons, but getting confiscating our weapons, we have to be-- >> guys, we've got to go. >> paranoia, david. >> oh. >> sean: see you both. >> i love it. >> see you guys.
9:40 pm
>> sean: when we come back a "hannity" investigation and the mainstream media are doing their part to smear gun owners likening gun owners to nazis. when we come back, the media mash and tomorrow a special studio audience edition of hannity as the ceo of the national rifle association, wayne lapierre will be among other special guests and investigate those incidents where people use guns to save lives. something the media won't tell you about. that's tomorrow night, 9 p.m. eastern, hannity. i gave birth to my daughter on may 18th, five days later, i had a massive heart attack. bayer aspirin was the first thing the emts gave me. now, i'm on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. [ woman ] learn from my story.
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>> welcome back to "hannity." time for media mash this week, we have a special gun control edition and as usual the liberal mainstream media wasted no time in defending the president on his gun control speech and his proposals. joining me now to explain none other than the president of the media research senator
9:45 pm
brother bosele. and bob, i don't mind that he has an opinion it's complicated comparing the gun lobby to beating the nazis. >> surely passing civil rights legislation as lyndon johnson was able to do and taking on the gun lobby. this is a turning point in this country, unless we figure out a way to make something that nothing like newtown ever happens again, we're not the country that we once were. >> sean: gun lobby. what's wrong with putting retired police officers and retired military in schools? we protect our money that way. >> yeah, gun lobby is an insidious sounding term. it's not the gun lobby, what they won't say is gun owners, that's who they're after.
9:46 pm
they're after gun owners and when you talk about gun owners now you're talking about tens of millions of americans who are abiding by the law. and they're in the same sentence as nazis, this should be insulting, but understand what we're talking about here. this is right out of the play book of the left, the far left, which is that you create villains, you create victims. and in in case, the villains are the n.r.a. and understand that the american people, the far left is making you a villain for having the -- for abiding by your second amendment rights, if saul wants to do that, but this is bob schieffer. >> sean: and some use hitler and there's a meltdown like alka-seltzer in water. but the left does it fine.
9:47 pm
>> unashamedly invoke the name of adolf hitler. supporters of the n.r.a. says that history proves that tyrannical leaders begin by robbing citizens of their firearms, and hitler did not allow the jews to possess firearms, virtually everyone else was allowed to do so which i guess turns this story on its head. if anyone deserves to be equated to hitler on firearms, then it's not the president, it's the n.r.a. >> sean: maybe he's another one who believes we should rewrite the bible and shred the constitution, you know, that book, that paper. >> right, right. and while delivering lectures about civility and the need for people to behave correctly, this is the same man, by the way, who likened rick santorum to josef stalin. this is the same man who
9:48 pm
likened governor rick scott of florida to the romanian dictator and murderer, and these problem have no problem at all slinging mud with the worst form of character assassination if it's going to advance their liberal agenda. >> sean: let's take a look, by the way, the top five movies i guess in the country right now. let's go through it, they've had 65 violent scenes, 38 of the 65 scenes use guns, 185 victims in just five movies. now, one is, i've got to see this "zero dark thirty," haunted house, jiadjango unchained and "les mis." >> and this is the most important reason why we have a violent culture because the popular culture is so violent and isn't it amazing that all of these people in the news media and the administration, no one is talking about it. why? because it's the same industry that's the number one funder of the far left. >> sean: all right, brent,
9:49 pm
you're a great american, good to see you, so much to get to we only got to one, two, three of six, got to keep you longer next time. good to see you. >> thanks. >> sean: he told us that al-qaeda was on the run and now the terror group claimed responsibility for a hostage situation involving americans. will the anointed one, the president, uncle joe biden, will they apologize for lying repeatedly on the campaign trail? when we come back, liz cheney, she weighs in next. [ male announcer ] after years of celebrations, marie callender's gives you a way to make any day a special occasion. new mini cream pies for one. real whip cream and a cookie-crumb crust. marie callender's. it's time to savor. real whip cream and a cookie-crumb crust. officeyour business needs...k... at prices that keep you...out of the red. this week get a bonus $15 itunes gift card with any qualifying $75 ink purchase. find thousands of big deals now... at officemax.
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>> a hostage crisis in the northern african country of algeria which is now reportedly over is sounding alarms that al-qaeda is in fact, alive and well. now, the tense situation started two days ago when an islamist group with ties to al-qaeda stormed a remote desert gas plant. earlier today algerian sources, security forces raided the complex in the hopes of ending the standoff and we know that americans were among the dozens of hostages taken and fox news learned that two americans did in fact get out alive, but the white house says at least seven americans are unaccounted for. this is the largest hostage situation in recent history and indicates what we've all feared, since the 9/11 attack on our consulate in benghazi, that al-qaeda is in fact alive
9:54 pm
and well and northern africa is fertile ground for this terror group. i wonder if our president and vice-president are now regretting these comments from a few short months ago. >> most of al-qaeda's top lieutenants have been defeated. >> i said i'd go after bin laden if we had a clear shot at him and i did. the goal that i set to defeat al-qaeda and deny it a chance to rebuild is now within our reach. >> thanks to air force personnel who did their part, osama bin laden is no longer a threat to our country. we've put al-qaeda on the path to defeat. >> osama bin laden is dead and general motors is alive. >> al-qaeda's on the path to defeat and osama bin laden is dead. >> al-qaeda's on the path to defeat and osama bin laden is dead. >> we've decimated al-qaeda central. we have eliminated osama bin laden. that was our purpose. >> one of the few moments in that debate where he wasn't smiling. anyway, here with reaction, liz cheney.
9:55 pm
welcome back. >> thanks, sean, thank you. >> sean: let me get your reaction to that. your narrative and that's why the benghazi situation was ignored the way it was by the white house leading in the election. >> and i think we've seen clearly not only is al-qaeda a large resurgence, but in particular al-qaeda and the al-qaeda in north africa, the same group we know is behind the attack on the consulate in benghazi and now appear to have been behind this hodge taking in algeria, so, you know, it's the opposite of being on a path to defeat. we've got al-qaeda in fact resurgent and there were no consequences whatsoever. think about that now, the attack was september 11th last year and there has yet to be a single consequence, a single repercussion, a single person brought to justice, nothing has been done. so, the message has been sent pretty clearly that you can
9:56 pm
kill an american ambassador, kill our diplomates attack our facilities with impunity and we see the result of that kind of a message now with the hostage taking. >> sean: and ambassador was asking for extra security, that was denied, nobody has been held accountable. leon panetta sort of contradicted the narrative that president obama and joed biden were taking during the the election, crazy uncle joe. >> today after ten years of war we face a hell after lot of threats out in this world. number one, we're continuing to fight terrorism. i mean, yes, we've, you know, we've gone after al-qaeda. yes, we've decimated their leadership. but al-qaeda is still there. they're still a threat. they're a threat in yemen, a threat in somalia, they're a threat as we speak in mali. >> sean: i've got to give him some credit he actually used the term "the war on terrorism" and fighting
9:57 pm
against the president's desire, the democratic party's desire to gut our defense. >> i think that secretary panetta has been a voice of reason here. he talks about the fact that the sequestration would be devastating if the cuts were allowed to go through. he deals with it day in and day out and he understands that the american people need to realize we still face a threat. i think the president, you know, i would really like to see a president, frankly, as dedicated to disarming al-qaeda as president obama seems to be to disarming law-abiding citizens, frankly. it's a situation we face a significant threat an and this president instead of doing everything he can to keep us safe across the board, across the middle east, he's made america at best irrelevant and when america is irrelevant you see a power vacuum like the one now where our enemies step into it. >> sean: and by the way, i found is interesting, we're giving president morsi 1.5 billion taxpayer dollars and he's saying that the israelis of descendents of pigs, apes
9:58 pm
and et cetera and threatening to wipe them off the map and they barely got chastised for it. let me ask you, i want to play for you comments that were made on meet the press by general colin powell that i found extremely dispointing and i want to get your reaction to it. watch this. >> i think the republican party right now is having an identity problem and i'm still a republican. there's also a dark, a dark vein of intolerance in some parts of the party. what do i mean by that? what i mean by that is they still sort of look down on minoriti minorities. >> sean: i wanted to get your reaction to that. >> you know, it seems to me pretty clear that general powell is the one who's got the identity problem. i know he likes to say he's a republican, but i believe he's voted for president obama in the last two election cycles. >> sean: twice. >> i think for him to go on national television and smear an entire party with that kind of baseless attack is beneath him. it's beneath the service that
9:59 pm
he provided to the nation and i was frankly sorry to see it because it's clearly inaccurate and not the kind of smear you'd expect from somebody like general powell. >> sean: well said and disappointing. i was disappointed when i heard it. >> exactly. >> sean: ronald reagan and bush 41 and bush 43 and the republican party, he has now moved to the left, obviously, not supporting policies that are conservative and it seems like a political attack. >> no, i think it clearly was. look, sean, you know better than anybody, this nation is at a crossroads and we're facing a huge challenge internationally, in terms of the threats posed to us from terrorist organizations like al-qaeda and a usage threats at home in terms of having a president that's unwilling to deal with the fiscal issues, unwilling to deal with the debt crisis and addicted to more spending and spending is the answer to our problems and i think the republican party is our last best hope, i'm proud to


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